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Street cam specs

Subject: Street cam specs
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 03 Apr 1995 10:49:05 -0600
A few people have asked about the specs for the inexpensive street cam
I am using.  It is a Delta camshaft (Seattle) regrind, purchased from
Northwest Import Parts in Portland OR (see the monster supplier list).
It cost $65 plus $40 core.

Delta camshaft Application 671, Performance grind D9

Duration @0.050 229 degrees.
Intake opens 8, closes 41
Exhaust opens 41, closes 8.
Lobe center 108 degrees.
Lash adjust to 0.018 both intake and exhaust.
Cam rise 0.295

Note that these specs are not directly comparable to the Kent cam
specs in the Vicky Brit catalog, since those are (presumably) for
absolute open/close @ lash (0.015??) rather than the more
standard 050".

Clearly there is some overlap, which is manifested in a somewhat lumpy
idle.  I tweaked it down to 800 rpm this weekend, where it is reliable
but a little choppy.  There is a loss in torque under 2000 rpm, but in
the "street" power band (2800-4000+) it is fairly spirited.  It does
not seem to reach much past 5000 rpm, but unless you are racing, you
don't want to either.
                                A. B. Bonds

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