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Still not running right

Subject: Still not running right
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 04 Apr 1995 10:03:20 -0600
Another flash I just had....

It is possible to get the timing right (distributor lobe vs TDC) but
still have the rotor in improper position to hit the contacts inside
the distributor.  There is a line scribed on the upper rim of the
distributor body that indicates the position of the number one
cylinder cap contact.  Make sure that when the points open for #1
cylinder there is some overlap between the rotor contact and this
line.  Even though your plugs are sparking, they may be doing so only
weakly because the spark has to jump so far inside the distributor.

If the rotor contact is _not_ in line with the scribed line (and it is
usually near the trailing edge of the rotor contact because of the
need for spark advance when running) the distributor drive gear may be
out of synch with the cam.  There is a picture in the Bentley (or
Haynes) manual showing the correct position of this gear.

Just a thought.         A. B. Bonds

PS You will solve this problem.  Please let us know how!

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