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Re: Jon's 73

Subject: Re: Jon's 73
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 1995 12:49:34 -0400
> >May I suggest that
> >Jon take the day off from work so he can go work on his car?  I think
> >that we could all use the relief.
> No!  I've got a better idea!  (Jon, stop reading now.)
> We all sneak over to his house while he's at work, and collectively diagnose 
> and fix anything wrong with his car (bring your spares, everybody).  Hee hee!
> --
> Jay Tilton      | Samuel Beckett said, "Every word is like an unnecessary 
>  | stain on silence and nothingness."
>                 | On the other hand, he SAID it.


You guy's are welcome at my place anytime! In fact if you call ahead
I'll have Sue stick a pig and put it on the spit, I'll pick up a 1/2
barrel and we'll make a day of it!

- -Mark    = =o&o

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