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Re: Joe Lucas Strikes Again

Subject: Re: Joe Lucas Strikes Again
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 12:36:14 -0400
> Hmm.  Well, I'm actually not sure at what amperage I would want the
> fuse/breaker to blow/trip.  55W x 2 @ 12V = 9.2 amps and 100W (maybe
> someday) x 2 @ 12V = 16.7 amps.  Do I want fuses/breakers rated at twice
> the normal load?  1.5 times the normal load?  Is there a rule of thumb?

Fuses and circuit breakers are to prevent fires only. They are not
designed to prevent failures. That is why it costs $280 to get your TV
fixed and the fuse inside  is still good.

The proper size fuse is selected to match the current carrying
capability of the wire that recieves power from the fuse/breaker.

> Are such breakers readily available?

I've never looked for them but I think all my american vehicles have them built 
into the headlamp circuit.

> > Which coast is the mighty Missisippi on?
> Mississippi the state, not the river.
Oh, I get it. Am I really that slow?

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