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Re: Getting the 75B to run

Subject: Re: Getting the 75B to run
From: F.vanDalen@LR.TUDelft.NL (Dalen)
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 10:45:29 +0200
In message <> Anthony Adamowicz writes:
> Howdy All:
> I am searching for some knowledge.  I have a 75B that does not want to start 
> I turn the key to its first stop and get power, when I turn the key to the 
> second spot where I believe the fuel pump should kick on the car tries to 
> start.  I am pretty sure I am missing part of this sequence and I believe it 
> to be the ignition switch.  Please let me know if I am on the right track 
> and if so where I may find the part, British Victoria is out of stock.  
> Thank you all much.

Hi Anthony,

Sounds like your fuel pump got stuck (may happen when the car hasn't run for
a while). Turn the key to the first stop to get power and gently hit the fuel 
pump (in the right hand rear wheel arch) with a piece of wood until hopefully 
its starts clicking. Then start the engine.

Good luck

Frank van Dalen

'69 B

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