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Re: Marks Alternator

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Subject: Re: Marks Alternator
From: (Allen Bachelder)
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 10:46:42 -0400
>I recently replaced the alternator in my 78MGB with a rebuilt unit..  The
>charge indicator light is not working (with the old alternator the light
>wouldn't go out, so I know it works).  Any advice will be appreciated.

>From the voltage readings I'd say your alternator is working properly.

As I recall, your alternator has three terminals.  The "top" one is
smaller than the bottom two.  The bottom terminals have 12V from the
battery.  The top terminal is the feed from your lamp, and only gets 12
volts when the key is on.

Mark -
Occasionally, the indicator light on my '71 GT will fail.  In this case it
is because the connector plug to the alternator is worn out and the
brown/yellow wire that attaches to the small terminal (mentioned by John
Van Valkenburgh above) simply falls out.  At any rate, that's how I learned
that the brown/yellow wire is the one for the light.  You might start by
tracing that wire.  I agree that 13-14 volt-readings indicate you are
charging normally.


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