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Re: 3 little balls

Subject: Re: 3 little balls
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 27 Apr 1995 09:00:17 -0500
In <m0s4JfK-0005kWC@tr2>, Jerome Kaidor wrote:
>A. B. Bonds wrote:
>> Incidentally, I must boast of having installed the Three Little Balls
>> for the shifting dog solo--involved use of three small bolts and a
>> piece of baling wire.
>*** How did you do it?  I need to do that too!
Cut a piece of wire (about 20 gauge, non-insulated, preferably steel)
a couple of inches longer than the outside diameter of the inner dog.
Twist the ends together so that it fits loosely about the inner dog
with about 1/8" of slop.  Get three small bolts, 10/24 or so, about
1/2 to 3/4" long.  Slide the threaded parts of the bolts under the
wire so that they bear on the tops of the balls.  The wire should be
aligned directly over the balls.  The bolt threads will prevent the
wire from slipping off.  The bolts should be aligned with the inner
dog grooves, and the heads will rest in the grooves to help stabilize
positioning.  Twist the wire some more (with pliers) to push the tops
of the balls down.  They need not be fully depressed. Now the outer
sliding dog can simply be pushed onto the assembly, and the bolts and
wire will slide off. 

  A. B. "When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like
                a nail" Bonds

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