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Re: Pos/Neg

Subject: Re: Pos/Neg
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Thu, 11 May 1995 11:15:34 -0400
> Generator repolarization is simple -- you "arc the field" -- 
> engineerspeak for connecting everything backwards and then basically 
> shorting the thing out.  One tip:  disconnect your distributor lead wire 
> and the ignition coil when you do it so as not to risk destroying 
> them...and be sure to connect up the coil backwards when you're finished.
> Steps:
> 1) > 2)> 3) 
> 4) Connect negative battery post to body ground
> 5) Hold lead connected to positive battery terminal in the vicinity of 
> the terminal on the generator (No need to touch it; the "arc" should jump 
> a couple of inches)

Am I wrong or does it take somthing like 60,000 volts to ionize the air
enough to get a two inch arc. I have not converted my BGT so I haven't any 
experiance doing this but I would think with 12 volts you may need to contact 
the terminal to get enouch current flow to repolarize the magnets in the 

> Happy arcing.
> -- Marc
> GHN3/8214

Comments Welcome!

- -Mark     = =o&o

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