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Re: leaf spring sag

To: The Warped Goat <>
Subject: Re: leaf spring sag
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 14:13:45 -0500 (EST)
I had the leaf springs in my '73 B-GT re-arched.  For about $150 total 
they do all the work.  The results are great:  The car sits level and 
handles very well.  I was at a British Car Show on Sunday and I noticed 
that all the B-GTs there, even those which were otherwise well restored, 
had leaf spring sag.  But, it can be easily corrected.

Charles E. Edwards, CPA
Virginia Beach, VA

On Mon, 22 May 1995, The Warped Goat wrote:

> I have noticed for a while now that the driver's side of my '68 B is lower 
> -the passenger side, but only in the rear.  I think this must be worn leaf 
> springs.  I noticed that new ones cost about 65-70 bucks each new, and I was 
> wondering if anything else could be done besides replacing them.  Also, if I 
> were to replace them, should I do some further work on the rear suspension at 
> the same time?
> -    I have never done any work on the suspension or underbody (just 
> a restoration under the bonnet) and I was wondering whether I should tackle 
> this job myself.  How difficult is it to replace the leaf springs?  I have a 
> set of ramps, but those won't work in this situation.  Will a couple of 
> jacks and some jackstands do the trick or should I turn this over to a 
> professional shop?  Thanks again.
> Benjy Edwards.
>                 1968 MGB MkII      
>              1992 Trek 2300 Dura-Ace STI
>              1992 Rocky Mountain Hammer      

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