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Vibrations caused by U-Joints

Subject: Vibrations caused by U-Joints
From: Laird Bolt <>
Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 17:35:53 -0300
I read the recent description of the vibrations caused by the U-Joint with
great interest as I have a similar sounding problem.  One person mentioned
the vibration was noticeable at 30MPH which also corresponds to the exact
same speed mine occurred at if I am in 3rd gear.  My car also has the same
vibrations at the same RPM in 4th gear. 

My questions are; Did the people who had these vibrations caused by the
U-joints experience the vibration through all the gears at the same
RPM?  Were the vibrations only noticeable over a narrow speed range?
Were the vibrations only noticeable when maintaining a constant speed?

Thank You in Advance

Laird Bolt
1980 Midget

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