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Brakes (was Saggy springs, vibrations at 50mph+)

Subject: Brakes (was Saggy springs, vibrations at 50mph+)
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 10:58:33 -0400
If the brake pedal slowly goes to the floor and no fluid leaks out
anywhere IMHO is the MC is leaking internally. Just because it is new
doesn't mean it's good.
A spongy pedal is air in the system. A firm pedal that slowly goes to the floor 
is a leak (internal or external).

Comments Welcome!

- -Mark   = =o&o

> Phil,
> Funny, I the same thing happens in my Midget. The brake pedal 
> gets a lot stronger/harder when pumping once the brake. I too
> thought it was an air bubble. My brake master cylinder is brand 
> new and the system doesn't leak. I will try to flush the system 
> AGAIN. You would need a new master brake cylinder if it were
> leaking.
> One good hint was mentioned here or in the SOL list is that the
> brake calipers might have been installed upside down. So that the
> bleed nipple isn't anymore on the highest point.
> There must be an air bubble somewhere!
> Good luck!
>       Gus
> =====================================================
> Agustin de la Calle             '71 MG Midget (red)
> Boston, MA  
> =====================================================
> > I have one thing left which I can't seem to remedy.  Brakes.  When sitting 
> > an intersection I find that the brake pedal starts slowly moving to the 
> > When it hits bottom, the brake warning light comes on and the car will start
> > rolling.  Taking my foot off and reapplying the brakes fixes it. Under 
> > the brakes are good and the system doesn't seem to leak at all.  I thought 
> > was probably an air bubble so I bled the brakes.  Same thing.  I took the 
> > to a local garage and had the pros flush the system.  Same thing.  What I am
> > thinking now is that maybe the master cylinder needs some work.  Any ideas?

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