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Be a Radio Converter not Car Converter

Subject: Be a Radio Converter not Car Converter
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 10:28:31 -0400
> John Trifari writes...
> Whoa everybody.  I'm only responding to a request for inputs on installing a
> neg gropund radio in a pos ground car.  Apparenetly the requestor didn't like
> the thought of converting to neg ground.

Neither do I.

Here is a schematic of how to install a negative ground radio in a
positive ground car. Adding a second battery with the negative terminal
attached to the frame and the positive terminal attached to the radio
power (don't forget the fuse) the radio will work. The down side is the
battery will not be attached to the charging system so it will
eventually need to be recharged. Often if you have one of those
subwoofers that shake the water in my toilet as you drive by the house.
An electronic circuit can be added to either charge the second battery
from the car battery or to just convert the proper voltage for the
radio from the car battery. They used to sell these when there were an
abundance of positive ground and 6V cars still around. I haven't seen
any for sale lately but the circuit is not that difficult.

             _ |               __|___
 Existing      _              | CAR  |  < Positive Ground Car
   car        ___             |STUFF |
 Battery       _              |______|
              ___                |
             + |_________________| < Positive Connection to Frame
               |                 | < Negative Connection to Frame
             - _             ____|_____
 Another      ___           | NEG GND | 
 Battery       _            | Radio   |  < Negative Ground Radio
    or        ___           |_________|
 Converter   + |_________________|

Comments Welcome!!

- -Mark   = =o&o

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