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Re: Radio Converter

Subject: Re: Radio Converter
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 08:46:57 -0400
> so what does all this mean?  That you can't hook up a pos ground radio in a
> neg ground car becasue of the antenna?  Maybe it means we should all convert
> to neg ground--as I have done--and eliminate the problme altogether.  From
> what I've been reading on the net, it would appear that any "fix" I create to
> put a neg ground radio in a pos ground car would require as much--if not
> more-- work than simply changing the car's polarity, and I urge anyone who is
> now confronting this issue to convert--as I have done.  In fact, I never gave
> any "alternatives" to conversion more than 2 seconds thought--John Trifari
>  1955 BN1 (converted); 1980 MGB; x 5x-MGA owner, all of which woild have been
> converted by now if I still had them. 

Well you can go to all the trouble to convert your car to negative
ground. And it IS a lot of trouble even for those who are confident in
their ability to do it themselves. It seems like way too much work just
to add a radio. I think it is much simpler to to get a DC-DC converter, hook up 
the four (4) wires (two to the cars 12V and two to the radio) and go. The car 
is still original, the antenna can be grounded as usual to the frame and you 
didn't waste a lot of time doing silly conversions when you could be out 
driving. Isn't technology wonderful?

Comments Welcome!

- -Mark    = =o&o

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