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Re: Pollution equipment and the modern anarchist

Subject: Re: Pollution equipment and the modern anarchist
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 09:33:50 -0400
> In all this discussion, there's one potential solution nobody's mentioned.  
> Granted, it may be a long shot, but here's my idea:
> Buy and old B and use the car number/VIN plate to replace the one on your 
> post-pollution control car.  Presto!  You've got a shiny "1965" MGB that 
> looks amazingly similar to a 1980 MGB, a "1980" MGB that you can send to the 
> crusher, and nobody should give a damn what you've got under the hood.
> Plausible?  Traceable?  Legal?  Ya got me, but I'm gonna start combing 
> junkyards.
> --
> Jay Tilton

There is a place in Texas that sells titles of cars that have been
scrapped. I guy I used to work with bought one to register a '32 Ford
Victoria Hot Rod as a '32. He built it completely from After Market

Sorry He is gone and I don't no the name of the place. Hemmings might
have it though.

- -Mark

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