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Re: Pollution equipment

Subject: Re: Pollution equipment
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 12:16:20 -0400
> Reply-To: "TeriAnn Wakeman"  <>
> There is one loophole in California's SMOG regs no one has yet mentioned.
> Here you are required to have the car SMOGed every other year. If the car is 
> liscensed and on the road during a year it does not need to be SMOGed, taken 
> the road for the year it does need to be SMOGed, it can be licensed the 
> following year without needing a SMOG test.  You can drive a car every other 
> year in California without ever having the car SMOG tested.  The division, 
> time I looked, is by even and odd last numbers of the license plate number.
> Sooooo One posibility is to have two cars, one with even plate one with an 
> numbered plate with registrations due at about the same time.  Drive one for 
> year while working on the other then switch at the end of the license year.  
> Perfectly legal.
> snip
> Soooooo Just buy up a pair of very cheap unsnogable cars, get the right 
> on them & register them at the same time.  You can drive your MGB V8 one year 
> and your TR6 V8 the other year

or take the VIN# off a parts car and re-register the same car. Every year you 
swap the license plate and VIN plate.

- -Mark "No officer that was my other White MG" Jurras

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