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KROIL I'm a believer and NO DOT 3 for ME

Subject: KROIL I'm a believer and NO DOT 3 for ME
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 15:34:11 -0400
A while back there was a thread concerning Kroil penatrating oil. I
read it with interest as my Father sent away for some. He gave me some
last fall. Before I pushed the 67 BGT into the corner for the winter I
gave the pedal box cover screws a shot and let it sit over winter. A
couple weeks ago I finally got the car out to work on and hit it
again.  Last night I hit the threads under the dash rapped the screw
driver a few times as I turned and, voila, they came out. The DPO's had
buggered the heads real bad and they were rusty from the brake fluid
removing the paint in the area, I thought I was going to have to drill
them out. I struggled all last summer trying to get them out without
damaging them further.

Now that I have the pedal box cover off I see the outer seal on the
shaft of the clutch master cylinder looks to be melted beyond
recognition. It seems the DPO used DOT 3 brake fluid and damaged the
seals. The Clutch slave leaks like a seive and the Brake Pedal slowly
goes to the floor. 

Comments Welcome!

- -Mark   = =o&o

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