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Re: TD Rockers

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Subject: Re: TD Rockers
From: "Palmer, Lew (UCI)" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 09:49:00 PDT
I just received my rocker assembly back for the TD from Rocker Arm 
Specialist (Anderson, CA). Total time from they left here (Minnesota) until 
I have them back was 1 week!

I'll reserve final judgement for when I get them back on the car and I see 
how my oil pressure is and how, over time, they wear (or not). However, on 
initial inspection they look great. They did all the usual stuff - build up 
the tips, harden them, rebush and moly coat the bushings, hard chrome the 
shaft and machine, fit everything back together. Total bill was $85.00 plus 
a bit for overnight shipment and COD.

Far be it from me to tell this guy he's charging too little.

Thanks again for the tip. I would not hesitate to recommend this outfit to 
anyone needing similar service.

Lew Palmer

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