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Re: investment advice sought

Subject: Re: investment advice sought
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 16:12:02 -0400
> "My" broker (who is one of us; he owns a  late-50's Morgan +4 dhc) has 
> suggested an investment managed by the brokerage firm he works for (which 
> shall remain nameless) that is a sort of mutual fund.  The problem is that 
> Lucas Electronics (Electrics?) is one of the principal holdings in this 
> fund.  Should I buy it?   This isn't the Triumphs list so its okay for me to 
> make jokes about electical fires in Spits (I personally know of two), but 
> seriously...   would you own stock in Lucas?
> Will "taking the big ride up" Zehring

I just sent a Lucas packiin list to someone and it had the names of the
company's that it owns on it. I know Lucas-Leedex. I think they make
sensors, Lucas-Schevits they make position transdcers, and a few others.
The guy who gets me parts (low price and slow) said something about
Lucas making some OEM parts for Jap Crap, oops I mean Cars. I don't
know the financial status of the company but I know they make more that
car fire starting equipment.

Hope this helps,

- -Mark "buy high, sell low" Jurras

= =o&o

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