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Re: MG name

To:, "DeniseThorpe" <>
Subject: Re: MG name
From: "Ramm, Andy" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 11:23:45 -0400
I always thought it stood for Morris Garages.  Is this right?  That's 
what my dad said and he comes from the land o' MOWOG.  BTW, what does 
MOWOG stand for anyway?

Andy Ramm

'67 Midget Mk III -- The Smidgin

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There's a thread on the mini-list about what MOWOG stands for.  That made 

wonder if the MG group has had the inevitable discussion about what MG 

for.  Comments on either?

Denise (font of useless trivia) Thorpe

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