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Fuel Injection for the MGB

To: MG mailing list <>
Subject: Fuel Injection for the MGB
From: John Van Valkenburgh <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 00:34:42 -0400 (EDT)
>From antiques@whidbey.comThu Jun 29 00:06:52 1995
>Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 09:24:36 -0800
>From: Jerry Causey <>
>Subject: Re: Fool Injection


>Sorry, John , but HALTECH Engine Management systems has evidently 
>been monitoring your day dreams. They've already done this, except 
>they base it on a Weber carb body.


HALTECH has been monitoring my day dreams?  I wonder what kind of 
transducer they use for that??

I can see why they would use the Weber throttle body.  I'm assuming that 
they use an intake manifold that runs into a single intake.  Perhaps a 
little easier to control.  I wonder though if this reduces the maximum 
possible air intake?

I could buy one, but most of the fun is designing my own and putting some 
of my engineering skills to the test!  Besides, I'd probably want to put 
an RS-232 port on the engine management microcontroller to allow me to 

Lets see, I could put a modem on the engine management controller's RS-232 
port, and then I could be here at work and call it from my PC and log on 
to my MGB...  Maybe it should run UNIX?  Or since the MG is supposed to 
be an older "classic" I could run my MG under VM.

Hey Ray!  Ya suppose we could get a grant for this???

John Van Valkenburgh
Raleigh, NC

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