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Re: More incunabula

Subject: Re: More incunabula
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 15:51:21 PDT
A. B. Bonds said:

> OK, it's a slow day, so here's a trivia question that will _only_
> interest the Truly Initiated, and for which I have no answer.
> What's with the "M|G" painted on the trannie cases?  I have yanked
> about half a dozen from A's and B's, and they all have this rune
> slopped on the upper side of the bell housing.  It was green for the
> A's and red for the B's, though this might not be a general rule.
> One might presume that this was used to separate production, since
> these boxes were used in a variety of applications, but with different
> ratios. Interestingly, the letters are quite similarly shaped and positioned,
> indicating the possibility that they were all done by the same person,
> inspiring the following scenario...
I finally got around to looking at the spare B trannies in my garage (one
crunchbox, one crunchbox w/OD, and one '72 w/OD) and none of them had an
"M|G" on them.  The crunchbox w/o OD has never been rebuilt or cleaned.  I
don't know if this is a local singularity at your locale or mine, but either
way, I THORoughly enjoyed your flight of fancy about the Abingdon worker.

Denise "I've heard it all and believe selected portions" Thorpe

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