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Re: Shopping for MGA -Reply

To: (Karl Best)
Subject: Re: Shopping for MGA -Reply
From: Jay Nemeth-Johannes <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 95 07:50:50 -0600
>My '57 1500 cruises quite nicely at 70mph, but I sure wish it had a higher

>I guess that brings up the question of how would I add a higher gear?
>Find a 5sp tranny (such as ...?), or make 4th a bit higher (what could I
>slip in there when I get around to doing a rebuild?), or how 'bout a higher
>rear end (and what would I do there?).

All three options are available.  Each has its shortcomings.  Probably
the cheapest option is the rear end swap.  The pumpkin from a Magnette
will drop in and provide a lower numerical ratio.  I have a couple of
vintage racer friends who use this technique.  The downside is loss of
low end, with first gear getting a bit tall.  Magnettes are still
findable, but getting somewhat scarce.

I've been told that the early MGB overdrive will fit, but the
transmission tunnel needs to be re-worked.  Several companies sell
conversion kits to bolt Datsun or Toyota 5-speed transmissions to an
MG.  The one I keep seeing the most often is from Dellow Automotive
Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia.  They have a kit which bolts a Datsun
510 tranny to the MGA and MGB.  I've seen one of these, and it looked
pretty clean.  Australians on this list have praised it in the past.
I guess the big downside is living with something that isn't all

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