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Re: Oil Draining

Subject: Re: Oil Draining
From: (Jim Arnott)
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 11:21:03 -0700

>I appear to have a bit of a problem with a A series engine with the oil
>getting pumped up into the rocker cover and then not draining back into the
>sump. The top face of the cylinder head is wet with oil even though the
>rocker cover (a fairly stiff alloy one) is tightly screwed down. There are
>spots of oil around the inlet manifold, carb and heater piping as though
>it's squirting out under pressure. OK it's a race engine and so is
>subjected to high revs and higher than usual levels of cornering and
>braking forces but that shouldn't make a difference to the draining of oil.
>I am aware that this is not an uncommon problem in V8 engines but has
>anyone else had it occur in an A or B series?

Had a similiar problem with a "B" engine years ago.  Seems that
a plugged PCV valve was causing positive pressure in the crankcase.
Blew oil out of every seam and the dipstick hole.  If you have a
PCV system on your race engine, you might want to check it out.


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