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Reaching the pedals

Subject: Reaching the pedals
From: F.vanDalen@LR.TUDelft.NL (F. van Dalen)
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 10:20:22 +0200
Morning all,

After repeated complaints from my wife that she had a choice between being able
the reach the pedals in our '69 B or being able to look outside, I decided to
see wether I could get the drivers' seat to move forwards. The problem is that
while the seat rails (mounted to the floor) have plenty of travel, the seat 
itself runs into the tunnel. I know the tunnel was widened around '65 or so, and
I have the older type seats that probably went with the narrow tunnel 
originally. Does anyone know whether the later seats have a stronger taper on 
the inside to accomodate the tunnel?

Meanwhile, I have solved the problem by riveting brackets to the forward ends
of the seat rails, thereby offsetting the forward mounting holes by 20 mm. This
puts the rails and the seat at a slight angle in the car, allowing it to slide 
along the tunnel with about 5 inches extra forward movement. The angle is barely
noticable, so I'm quite happy, but I would be happier still with seats that fit
(and which don't require a 1/2 " spanner to adjust the rake!).

Any comments welcome,

Frank van Dalen

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