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Re: Any feedback on those covers yet???

Subject: Re: Any feedback on those covers yet???
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 08:15:06 -0400
> > On Thu, 3 Aug 1995, Robert J. Donahue wrote:
> >
> >  -snip- Maybe a light bulb would suffice?
> "W. Ray Gibbons" <> wrote:

> The british cars list went through this last winter.  Boat companies sell
> small heaters at high prices to accomplish this.  (A correction is in
> order--a car can be warmer than the outside air, yet be below the dew
> point, though that wouldn't happen except in a heavy fog.) I suspect that
> the most common situation will be that a car will be colder than the
> outside air, colder than the dew point, and a small heater won't be able
> to warm the car above the dew point.  On the other hand, it seems worth
> trying if one is very careful to minimize the risk of fire. 
> Next winter, I plan to try an experiment.  I will secure a 150 watt bulb
> inside a piece of stove pipe (with an air space between the bulb and the
> pipe), put it in the car, and plug it in only when I see condensate form
> on the car.  The conditions that cause this are generally obvious.  It 
> will be interesting to see if it does any good.
> Ray

Check out sporting goods catalogs (real ones that sell guns and
knives). There is a product called a "Golden Rod". It is a 110V AC
heater available in different wattages sold to keep closets, gun
cabinets, any enclosed spaces from getting musty and rusty. The plus
side to these is that they last much longer than a light bulb AND the
heat is spread out over a much larger area so they don't burn anything
they touch like a bulb can.

- -Mark "keeping the mice warm all winter" Jurras

= =o&o

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