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Subject: RE: AC
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 95 12:46:25 PDT
> >
> >> Was AC a factory option or dealer installed kludge?
> >
> >Air on a British car from the factory? Have you ever been there. <g>
> >
> >Lew Palmer
> >
> AC to my knowldge was a dealer installed kludge. It was popular on cars sold 
>new in Texas and 
> Florida.
> Dick :>)
> Have MG will travel
When I was wrenching for a living at a Britcar dealership (Kearney Mesa
British in San Diego), no MGB's came to us with AC, but we did kludge it
onto some cars at the customer's request.  There was a kit you could get
from JRT.  We also stuck stripes and trunk racks onto LE's.  I PERsonally
didn't do either of these -- I seemed to spend most of my time R&Ring the
heads on TR7's.  I put three different heads on the same car under 
warranty.  No, it wasn't my wormanship, the owner was a hotshoe and couldn't 
be bothered looking at the temp gauge.  Another mechanic put three trannies 
into the same Spitfire under warranty.  Did you ever wonder why the company 
went belly up?  And they dumped MG first.  But I digress.

In the AC for Texas and Florida but not England vein, Cars sent to Hawaii
had no heaters.

Denise Thorpe 

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