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San Diego British Car Day

Subject: San Diego British Car Day
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 95 18:45:43 PDT
Just in case no one else has or will announce this...

The Sixteenth Annual San Diego British Car Day will be Sunday, October 1
in Del Mar, CA at the Del Mar Racetrack (and Fairgrounds).  Take I-5 to
the Via De La Valle exit, head west about two blocks to the gate with 
the sign.

The pre-registration price is $10.00 per car if received before September 
6 and after that it's $15.00, but you can pay $2 and just walk around
looking at cars and stuff.

The Car Show is from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm with registration opening at 
9:00 am.  No alcohol may be brought onto the fairgrounds, but they sell
it there.  It's called a monopoly, but they don't check trunks or boots.

For OFFICIAL information, write to the San Diego British Car Club Council
at 2250 Rosecrans, San Diego, CA 92106.

Last year nearly 350 cars showed up including a Hillman Husky, a Daimler
Dart, some big Bentley, assorted Moggies (including a three-wheeler), 
Maggets, Midgets, Minis, Healeys, Rolls', TVR's, Loti, and MGB's and TR's 
ad nauseum.  In past years only one MG 1100 has shown up -- mine.  This 
year there may be two so that people can see what one is supPOSed to look 
like.  All kinds of awards are handed out.  Every year I hope for the
"Best British Beater" award, but every year I'm aced out by some rusty
hulk on a trailer.

The fliers I've seen don't mention it, but each year local car clubs vie
for the "Prince of Darkness" award.  The actual trophy is a Lucas Sport
coil mounted upside down, leaking oil down assorted car parts that have
been welded together.  The competition for this coveted award has in the 
past included piston croquet, a spare tire relay, blind parts identifica-
tion, a fan belt toss, and a drag race.  The drag race is not men in 
dresses, but a Midget and a rope.  Be there or be elsewhere.

Denise Thorpe
proud owner of 3 really ratty MG 1100's that run

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