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Re: MGB Chrome Wires.

Subject: Re: MGB Chrome Wires.
From: (W. J. Richard Criswell)
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 08:48:02
>Whoa!  Where did you get this knowledge?   It's contrary to my
>recollection, and it was a bit of a sore point with me when I bought my '63
>B in '65 (I thought the painted wire were cheap looking and they turned out
>to be tough to maintain) so I would remember if I'd heard differently.
>It's my vague recollection that it was a dealer-installed option but I
>can't substantiate that.

Could be I was wrong but my knowledge came from a fellow MGist who bought an 
early MGB new 
with chrome wire wheels installed. They were Dunlop wheels. The Factory 
supplied Dunlop wheels. I 
guess they could have been dealer installed - BUT the dealer probably obtained 
them from the 

Chrome wire wheels on early MGB were rare though just like O/D transmissions. 
Both were 
expensive and buyers were not willing to spend the extra money.

Dick :>)
Have MG will travel

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