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wrenching women survey

Subject: wrenching women survey
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 95 15:00:49 PDT
According to my informal survey, there are five women who work on cars 
(Datsuns count) and post to the mailing list, and four wrenching women 
who are the significant others of people who post to the list. 

It's interesting that the majority (if not all) of the women I've seen 
post to this mail list also work on their cars.  People are always asking
me how I ended up working on cars.  The answer is, "I bought a British 
car!"  I knew almost nothing about cars before I bought an MG.  Once I 
owned it, it was a choice between learning how to work on it or being 
defeated by an inanimate object.  The only people on the list who know 
nothing about their cars are the people who just bought them.

007 <> asked:
>I wonder what the sex distribution is??

I hadn't planned to do any statistical analysis.  To do that, I'd need to 
know how many people total are on this mailing list, and of those, how many 
are female (I'm assuming everyone is one gender or the other).

Robert Dohner <> said:
>    Given the number of responses concerning spouses, I wonder if more 
>women work on cars that use the Internet.

This would be hard to determine because we can't poll the women who aren't
on the internet.

The people of both genders who subscribe to this mailing list are a unique 
group -- we're using a high-tech medium to discuss low-tech cars.  Women 
are a small minority in both the computer world and the British car world 
(except as s.o.'s).  The women on this mailing list are the intersection 
of the set of women who use the internet AND the set of women who own MG's.  
I'm pleased that there are as many as five of us. :-)

Denise "that lumpy car guy" Thorpe

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