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Yes, it still missing now above 3200

Subject: Yes, it still missing now above 3200
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 01:20:30 -0400
Well gentle MG folk, I am getting to the end of my rope here on the TA
spriget special.
I last left you with the absolute certainty that it was distributor wobble,
 I should know better.  Nothing is certain with MG's.....I put on one of the
new electronic units from SAE in Goleta.  After we got it sorted out that I
had a TR6 dizzy with 4 cyl guts and they finally sent the right rotor part
(UPS managed to bungle the delivery too), I put it in like they said and it
works real slick.  You have to reset the timing and must be careful to get
the polority correct because the switching unit is not protected against
polority.  This unit will only work on negative ground systems.

It eliminates points, condenser and presumably wobble......well, no change in
my problem.   Next I went down a path of enriching the mixture with different
needles on the theory that it was running too lean in the mid range.  That
did nothing and why would the needles suddenly stop working great like they
had been doing??  The problems seem particular load sensitive as in going up
a hill, the studdering is very reliable at 3200rpm.  Sitting in the garage,
she will rev all day long, no problem.   I checked out the two fuel pumps
this morning and they seem very healthy right at the point where it feeds the
two carbs.   Some one suggested that maybe I have too much pressure??
thoughts??  Wouldn't that show up as flooding and a rich mixture/black
plugs??  My plugs were showing the nice light grey that would indicate the
proper mixture.

Anyone got any suggestions?  If C. Rockwell still has his dyno, and if I
don't get it tomorrow, I'm going to take it down to him and trouble shoot
under load in his shop.  This is driving me crazy!!

Cheers, Terry

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