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Re: Dim Bulbs

Subject: Re: Dim Bulbs
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 10:36:48 PDT
> My dashboard lights (74B) seem to be glowing more dimly as we both grow
> older. It could be my eyes, but how can I be sure?
> 1) Can I test my alternator output at home with a multi-tester, or does that
> need other equipment?

All you need to test the alternator output is a voltmeter.  But if it were 
your charging system, everything else would be dim also.
> 2) Can I bypass the rheostat for the panel lights to see if that makes a
> difference?

> 3) Any other ideas?

I had the same problem years ago with my `67 B (and still do).  Replacing 
the dash lights rheostat made no difference.  Then, I had my tach 
recalibrated and refurbished and it was brighter than the other gauges for 
a few years.  I suspect that the plastic light diffuser surrounding the 
face of the gauge becomes opaque with time.  The diffuser to my fuel gauge
has a hole in it and sends a beam of bright light across the face of the
gauge so I know it's not that the bulbs are dim. 

Denise Thorpe

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