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Re: Dual carb mod in CA?

Subject: Re: Dual carb mod in CA?
From: (craig wiper)
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 17:27:08 -0700
>>     Has anyone out there successfully converted a mid or late '70s MGB to 
>>dual SU carbs in California? 

>If you decide to proceed and don't want to convert every year, get it
blessed by a CA Smog Referee 
>first. And if you have any LUCK, PLEASE let me know!
>Dick :>)
>Have MG will travel
>I converted to a Weber downdraft a couple of years ago and also rebuilt my
HIF4's while using the Weber. At smog time, I've had to put the HIF4's back
on with the smog equipment. I passed the smog check without any trouble.
But, I also noticed the the '74 MGB is running much better with the rebuilt
SU's than with the Weber. So I've decided to leave the Weber on the shelf
and keep running the SU's. Anyone interested in a downdraft Weber with
Pierce manifold?

Also, in accord with one of the other threads, I used an electronic ignition
with my old distributor for about 4 years. Off and on the car would just die
on me. I'd pull over, restart the engine and go on my merry way as if
nothing had happened. I decided to completely replace the fuel system: new
tank, new pump, new filter, thinking that fuel was not getting to the engine
every once in a while. Well, of course, the car would still die sometimes. I
finally replaced the distributor with a new Lucas Eurospec (legal to do) and
get rid of the electronic ignition (Allison or Crane now). The car is
running better than it ever has and I no longer stall. With the HIF4's and
the new distributor I'm getting about 24.5 mpg on the freeway back and forth
to work here in California. The car seems to have (my estimation) about
twice the getup and go that it had with the electronic ignition and the Weber.

Bye for now,
Craig Wiper
Santa Rosa, CA

early '74 MGB

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