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Re: Wedding Registry, was Wrenching women

Subject: Re: Wedding Registry, was Wrenching women
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 95 11:21:25 PDT
James "seeking equality (ya, riight)" B. wrote:

> This reminds me, why is it that women get to go to their stores and sign up 
> all the stuff they want, and us guys "get" to go along? 

Because men let them.

> Anybody else agree, or are you all busy rolling your eyes 
> and benevolently smiling?

No eye-rolling here.  China and silver and crystal and all that stuff that 
women pick out is meant to be used for formal entertaining.  No one gives
formal dinner parties anymore.  Last time I gave a party, everyone hung
out in the garage and the backyard drinking beer.  This means that the 
appropriate wedding gifts for the nineties are lawn furniture and stuff 
for the garage including a refrigerator with built-in beer taps.  If 
everyone insisted that the rituals in their lives make sense, the rituals 
would start making sense.  I took the sixties a bit too much to heart.

Obligatory lbc content: When lying under your lbc swapping out the fuel
pump, if you tie rags around your wrists, the gasoline (petrol) can't 
run down your arms stinging your shaved armpits and dissolving your bra.

Denise Thorpe

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