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Re: Starter cranks w/ p-brake set

Subject: Re: Starter cranks w/ p-brake set
From: (Graham McCann)
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 09:50:07 +1000
>Here's an interesting one. 
>     One day on the way to somewhere (probably the Auto Parts Store) in my
>I parked, and pulled up the parking brake, only to hear a horrendous
>grinding noise coming from the nether regions of the car. It sounded like
>the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse had let loose with a keg of Courage Best
>Bitter right there under my backside! It stopped as soon as I (with
>amazingly fast, cool reflexes) let go of the parking brake lever and gave
>the master mechanic's traditional shout of discovery at a new and unheard-of
>event, to wit, "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!". This drew appreciative nods from the
>small crowd that had gathered outside the "Auto Parts Store" to dispose of
>their empty oil cans, full ashtrays, and used diapers (nappies, for those
>across the water).
>        After a bit of astute troubling-shooting and careful
>experimentation, (i.e. pulling on the handbrake lever again), I found that
>the starter would run whenever the "BRAKE" light on the dash illuminated.
>(Yes, mine works.) 
>        Yes, The Prince of Darkness had struck (strucked? strucken?) again!
>After much atonement was made to the dark forces, and the usual small-animal
>sacrifice, I was able to locate a diode in the wiring diagram that would
>cause this manifestation IF it were to breakdown and pass what the High
>Priests call Reverse Current. Much penitence later, I was able to actually
>find the diode in the car, and upon exorcising it from the circuitry, caused
>the evilness to cease. The diode tested out faulty, BTW.
>        The strange part is, everything else works normally. Well..., as
>normal as usual, anyway. I can find no reason for the diode to be there in
>the first place. It may only be to expose sinners ("It has been 98 days
>since my last valve adjustment") such as me. But when the "BRAKE" light came
>on, it caused current to flow to the starter circuit, if the ignition switch
>was on. The engine would start, and would grind merrily away on the
>still-engaged starter. Very entertaining for onlookers. 
>        Has ANYONE else had this particular experience? Hopefully my tale
>may enlighten someone, or add to the cumulative knowledge of the species.
>Dave Simpson
The diode is part of the dual function of the handbrake warning light.  Its
secondary function is to warne you of low hydraulic pressure in the braking
system.  You will see the sensor for this function coming off the bottom of
the master cylinder assembly.  That is why the brake warning light used to
come on briefly when you started the car (without the handbrake on) as a
visual check that the circuit was in place.  It is probably in this function
that power gets to the starter when you pulled the handbrake on.

Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
06 2889055

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