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re: Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Question

Subject: re: Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Question
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 95 20:16:52 CDT
| I am rebuilding the master cylinder on my '74 B.  The 
| design is the tandem master cylinder type without the 
| Pressure Differential Warning System type.  A DPO had 
| rebuilt it sometime in the past and made some internal 
| modifications to the piston link.  The modification 
| consist of bending the link back in such a manner that the 
| primary and secondary pistons are no longer linked except 
| by whatever could graces the separating spring provides.  
| I have two questions.  First, does anyone have a piston 
| link from an otherwise scrap brake master cylinder that 
| they could part with?  I really do not want to have to buy 
| a new brake master cylinder for this one part.
| The second question has to do with the orientation of the 
| attachment of the link to the two cylinders.  The DPO had 
| the link looped once around the link pin in the secondary 
| piston.  One of the ends of the link has an eyelet that, 
| if I could straighten the link, appears that it would 
| attach to the link pin in the primary piston.  The drawing 
| in the Haynes repair manual indicates the opposite 
| orientation, i.e. the link is wrapped around the primary 
| piston's link pin and is attached  by some method to the 
| link pin in the secondary piston.  Did the DPO bodge the 
| repair by putting the link in backwards, or does the 
| orientation of the link to its point of attachment not 
| effect the operation of the pistons?  It would seem that 
| if the pistons were linked by the method in which I found 
| it, the pistons would be locked together in movement.  The 
| method shown in the Haynes manual would appear to allow at 
| least semi-independent movement of the pistons, however I 
| do not know if the Haynes drawing is accurate or merely 
| _represents_ a method of attaching the link, i.e. YMMV.
| Any thoughts on this matter is appreciated.
| Mike McDevitt

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