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Disk Full (was Digest ?) no LBC content

Subject: Disk Full (was Digest ?) no LBC content
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 08:03:04 -0400
> I, too, would be happy as the proverbial clam to see this list available in 
> digest form.  I don't know how efficient other email packages are with 
> respect to message size, but we use Microsoft Mail and my .mmf file was past 
> 27MB this morning, which is the sort of thing our system administrators 
> frowns on.  A lot of that is due to traffic on this list.  And yes, I may be 
> a slob, but I do a monthly housecleaning on my system, so I'd be surprised 
> if I were the only person experiencing this.
> Geoff Cram
> 66B

Some of us use UNIX workstations. A UNIX workstation is a computer much
like a PC except it has gobs of memory and huge hard disks. These are
needed because even the simplest tasks generate many megabytes of
information needed to be stored in memory and on the hard disk. Even
more if you use a windowing graphical user interface. 27MB of mail is
flyspecs on these behemouths.They have other wonderful features like :

No convienient method to generate hard copy.  

No two workstations can be configured alike.

Sometimes the delete key erases the letter the cursor is on and
sometimes its the letter before.

The DELETE key migrates around the keyboard on different systems so you
cannot find it.

There are two DELETE keys. One that works and one that doesn't.

Comments Welcome!!

- -Mark "C++ is to C as Lung Cancer is to Lung" Jurras

'67 BGT

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