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I bought it!

Subject: I bought it!
From: Matt Liggett <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 15:46:01 -0400
Would just like to announce to these 2 lists that I bought a '70 MG Midget 
this afternoon which is about 1 hour away.  I will pick it and its 
assorted spare parts up Saturday.  Here is a description I posted to 
another list earlier:

For $900 I got a solid, fun car.  It has some dings, no major rust in the 
fenders, or sills.  Trunk floor impeccable and very solid.  A small patch 
panel under the driver's feet in which I will eventually weld new metal.  
(Currently pop-riveted.)  A bit sluggish, but I think the carbs just need 
tuned.  Engine compartment is clean, complete (no oil leaks!), and 
stock-looking.  Odo does not work, so mileage is unknown.  2 sets of wire 
wheels; new tires, brakes, muffler, carpet; spare bonnet, hood, and door; 
rollbar; hardtop; tonneau cover.  Horrible red "garage-style" paint job.

Expect for me to be asking many "beginner" questions in the next few weeks 
as I stumble my way through my new LBC.


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