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re: Re: rad. bushing blowout!

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Subject: re: Re: rad. bushing blowout!
From: "Sean Johnson" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 95 6:53:53 -24000
I recently bought two '79 MGB's for combining into one working car.  The 
first had a block stuffed between the large upper radiator hose and the 
sensor to keep it in.  The second car's PO evidently had it with the sensor, 
plugged the hole, and wired a switch in for the fans.  

This works ok, IF you are aware enough to remember to switch on the fans 
every time you stop for more than a minute with the engine running.  The 
engine I removed from the second car has serious problems.  Coincidence? 
Probably not.

I'd suggest this:  Using a small piece of PVC pipe, notch one end to go 
around the sensor.  Make the other end concave so it will stay on the large 
radiator hose.  Use a small piece of padding at the big hose to protect it 
from fraying.

Sean Johnson
'79 MGB

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