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Re: Zehring's leak theory

Subject: Re: Zehring's leak theory
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 95 13:01:22 PDT
Russ Wilson (a fellow San Diegan) asked:

> >BTW: for those of you with the early engines sans rear oil seal; I've been
> >told that a line bore will help if your leak (we all have one somewhere,
> >right doctor?) is on the scale of the Exxon Valdez.  Apart from the (perhaps
> >extensive) machine shop bills, and the toil of yanking and disassembling the
> >lump, you're only in it for the new bearings and a case of Foster's.  What
> >price a clean garage floor?
> Has anyone else out there heard of this fix (no, not cleaning garage floors
> with Foster's - line boring to reduce oil leakage)?

At a recent San Diego MG Club meeting, Mike Haines (sp?) and his nepwhew
from across the pond, described driving a TC from San Diego to New York
and back again.  He said it leaked three quarts of oil on the way there
and then they figured out what the problem was and it didn't need any oil
on the way back.  I don't understand his explanation and I don't know if 
it relates to an early MGB, but Mike said that the oil slinger on the crank
(front? back?) would sling oil if the car was turned off immediately after
stopping.  Once they started letting it idle for a minute (maybe two?) it
stopped slinging oil entirely.  See what you miss by not going to meetings,
Russ?  First Donald Healeeeeey, and now oil slinger tips.

Correction:  When I was giving out all those numbers for MG people I deal 
with in San Diego, I gave the area code as 609, when it's 619.  Doh!  And
when I got out to my car, my tires were 175's not 185's.  Hopefully, no 
one listens to what I say.

A very contrite Denise Thorpe

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