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51 TD for sale

Subject: 51 TD for sale
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 95 15:31:44 PDT
Since I'm completely stymied here at work...

Last weekend, I was picking up a complete '66 MGB long block from Mike
Haines (sp?) and he told me about a '51 TD he has for sale.  I haven't
seen the car, but he says that it's almost complete (no headlights or
driveshaft), with extra fenders, very straight, original, and rust-free,
but completely disassembled.  It's here in San Diego and the price is 
$5,000.  I don't have his phone number today, but if any one is interested,
I can email it to them tomorrow.

In a somewhat related vein, in the past couple of weeks, at least ten total
strangers have stopped me and asked me about my car.  This is up from an
average of one every six months.  All of them were male except for one
woman in comfortable shoes, but I don't think they were _all_ hitting on 
me. ;-)  If I had lots of space, I'd buy all of the chrome-bumpered B's
I could find because I think their value is about to go through the roof.

Now, I think I'll clean out my briefcase.

Denise Thorpe

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