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MGF & 50-somethings

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Subject: MGF & 50-somethings
From: "Sean Johnson" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 95 10:28:21 -24000
Regarding the MGF and why the buyers are 50-ish rather than 30-ish:

I'm 33 year old professional male, so I suppose I fit into some kind of 
"demographic" that should buy new sports cars.  I also work on my cars, so I 
probably don't really fit the demographics at all.

Somehow I think the marketers have missed a few teeny facts:

1. Most 30-somethings also have one-somethings and two-somethings, making 
vehicles like mini vans and Chevy Suburbans more popular than sports cars.

2. High dollar price tags from government mandated items, and for frivolities 
like power windows (in a small two seater?) in expensive options packages, 
that aren't really optional.

3. Ever increasing price tags and option packages as soon as the marketing 
dept figures out they are selling to the fifty-somethings rather than the 
thirty-somethings (this happened to the Mazda Miata).

I have no doubt that the MGF is a wonderful example of a modern sports car.  
Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to afford a modern sports car until I 
get the kids out of college and join the ranks of the fifty-somethings 
myself. Besides, How many LBC's can I buy for $20K - $30K U.S.?

I now yield the soapbox to the next SOL...

Sean Johnson
'79 MGB

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