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RE: Silly part name

Subject: RE: Silly part name
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 95 12:16:21 PDT
Will Zehring writes:

> Denise  writes:
> >Okay, it _was_ a typo (or lapse in memory), but what the heck is a "distance
> >piece?"
> > 
> Well, that's simple...  a distance piece is a piece that fills in the 
> distance between two other pieces.  I thought everyone knew that!  :-)
> It seems to me that you might also call a distance piece a gigantic shim, or 
> even a colossal washer.  I swear that there is at least one distance piece 
> on the B but I can't remotely remember where it is.  Does this mean I have 
> to withdraw my entry?

Not at all.  I think it would be more fun to have people guess what and
where it is.  I would guess that a squab is the round rubber bulb at the
end of the tube that hangs from the vent of a B.  And plum sauce is what
collects in wheel cylinders.

I don't believe it.  I looked up trunnion (which I thought was a fish) in 
my trusty Webster's and it said, "a pin or pivot on which something can 
be rotated or tilted; esp: either of two opposite GUDGEONS [my emphasis]
on which a cannon is swiveled."  So I looked up "gudgeon" and it's a 

Now that I know what a "distance piece" is, I suspect that that thing that
lives between the inner and outer bearings in a B front end (that I've
always called a barrel) is one.

Denise Thorpe (learning new things every day)

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