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Re: Zehring's leak theory

Subject: Re: Zehring's leak theory
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 95 10:50:05 PDT
Chip Old said:

> A well-built T-Type engine can do a _lot_ better than that.  Either Haines
> was going awfully fast, or his engine was awfully loose! 

It was a recent restoration with a fresh engine and the engine didn't lose
any oil on the 3000 mi. return trip after they started letting it idle
before turning it off.

> That's why the XPAG/XPEG engines in the T-Types have a 
> drain hole at the lowest point of the flywheel housing, complete with 
> loose split pin to rattle around and keep dirt from clogging the hole.

I'm told this is called a "giggle" pin.

Denise Thorpe (grateful for all the support I can get)

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