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Re: Does Waxoyl really work?

Subject: Re: Does Waxoyl really work?
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 07:33:58 -0400
> >Did you ever consider heating the tube? IMHO if you wrap the tube with
> >a resistance wire (i.e. thermocouple wire) and run some battery current
> >through it it should heat the tube nicely. Of course some
> >experimentation will be needed and YMMV.
> Wouldn't that increase the diameter considerably?  I think I'd want to keep
> the drilled hole as small as possible.  Also you have to watch resistance
> wires pretty carefully, as they tend to get rather warm and do a little bit
> more than just "heat" a plastic tube....
> However, if you could get a small enough wire and keep it from getting too
> hot, it seems like a pretty neat idea.  Of course, down here in Houston,
> where it's 93 degrees in October, who needs resistance wire? :-)
> -Rick

Since the wire is readily available in sizes down to 0.001 inches diameter you 
could even put a loop down the center of the tube and heat the Waxoyl directly.

- -Mark   = =o&o

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