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Re: MGC Brake Boosters

Subject: Re: MGC Brake Boosters
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 95 12:42:45 PDT
Randy Balogh asked:

> I haven't seen any discussion lately about MGCs so I'll break the ice and ask
> where can I find rebuilt brake boosters.  I recently bought a '69 MGC/GT
> without either of the brake boosters.  I know these are an expensive
> propostion to rebuild or buy outright.  I want to keep the car original so
> I'm not interested in the aftermarket boosters that some are offering now.
>  Can anyone recommend a qualtiy shop for rebuilding if I acquire the cores
> first?  Or where can I buy rebuilt originals outright and what is the core
> charge if there is one?

My experience with MGC's is over ten years old, but here it is for what it's
worth.  Rebuilt remote brake servos last for about three months and new ones 
last about a year.  At the time, the rebuild kits were $100 and new servos 
were $300.  People who got fed up with the expense went to Volvo P1800 remote
brake servos which look very similar and have a tendency to work right out of
the junkyard.

> Thanks for your assistance.  I've been enjoying this list for about six weeks
> and really appreciate all the advice and humor.

What humor?  We're serious.  It's our cars that are silly.

Denise Thorpe

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