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Re: Any interest in repro window stickers?

Subject: Re: Any interest in repro window stickers?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 95 10:52:18 PDT
Jeremy DuBois asked:

>   I was thinking the other day that it'd be neat to reproduce the original
> dealer window sticker on my MGB.  I've got the original, but it's so beat up
> that it's almost useless.  The printing is just visible enough that I could
> reproduce it.
>   Does anybody else have any interest in this?  I doubt if I could get just
> one printed up, so if I do reproduce this, I'll have extras.

Screen printing isn't tricky and if you do it yourself, you could make as few 
or as many as you want.  If the design isn't intricate, you can cut it out of
screen printing film, stick it to a screen and you're ready to squeegee.  If
it is intricate, you'd want to use the photographic method.  The only extra
equipment this requires is a camera, a photocopier, and a bright light.  The
materials for either process including the screen, ink, film, and bumper
sticker stock might cost you as much as $40, probably less.

Denise "I told you I know everything" Thorpe

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