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Re: A/C in MG's

Subject: Re: A/C in MG's
From: (Graham McCann)
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 09:49:39 +1000
>From:  john peloquin[]
>Thanks for posting the A/C info. I have "long range" plans for my MGB-GT 
>which include the Rover V8 conversion. Since I live in Southern Cal, the 
>A/C option is of importance to me. I suspect the power loss from A/C with 
>a V8 powered auto would not be as noticable- if all that gear can somehow 
>be shoehorned into the vehicle. Have you heard of anyone successfully 
>doing what I am considering?
>John Peloquin

I have a factory fitted 1973 MGB GT V8 to which has recently been fitted an
air conditioner.

The factory MGB GT V8 had the radiator moved forward to leave a larger
engine bay.  This was retained for the rubbernose models - if you wondered
why there was do much room  in the engine bay of an 1800cc car.  This
arrangement makes the fitting of the V8 easier, although the factory had to
redesign the path of the steering column do that it missed the exhaust
manifolds (in this case on the right hand side)..  Also a "flattened" air
intake/inlet manifold was fitted to allow a standard bonnet to be fitted
(and clear the now centrally located carbies).  I have a roadster which has
had a fuel injected 1986 Range rover engine fitted to it.  In this case it
was necessary to cut a hole in the bonnet to fit the plenum chamber in.  A
bonnet scoop (facing backwards) was fitted to allow this.

Back to air conditioning.  The condenser was fitted in front of the radiator
by moving the radiator back towards the engine.  Two five bladed fans of a
greater pitch than the factory variety were fitted to increase air flow.
The oil cooler was also moved to a position under the bumper level (as is
done on the rubbernose cars), to allow more air to flow.  The compressor was
fitted on the left of the engine driven by its own belt from the second
pulley on the crankshaft of the V8 motors.  An under dash unit was fitted in
the car.  Utilising the face level vents is fairly complicated unless you
can accept them not being available for  outside air.  The radiator fans
come on in response to water temperature and also every time the compressor
clutches in.

The engine temperature does get a bit high in high summer, fans
notwithstanding.  I have seen another arrangement where a single electric
fan was fitted in front of a condenser which was the same size as the fan.
It worked well and did not restrict the airflow to the radiator as much,
hence the engine ran cooler (this was on an 1800cc engined car).

The power loss from the airconditioner cannot be detected.

Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
06 2889055

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