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Re: Winter Storage

Subject: Re: Winter Storage
From: Deborah Buckle <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 14:23:48 -0700
Greetings from the Garden City Victoria,

I guess I'm one of the few that will be actually storing my B for the winter
months (if you can call it that).  I've got another car and I figured that
it would be nice not to expose my baby to all the dampness that our liquid
winters bring.  I have noticed however that there are a surprising number of
people who store their cars over the winter, it would be interesting to see
just how many on this list alone.
Any other tips anyone has to offer on the storing of our MG's would be most

Deborah Buckle

>At 02:28 PM 10/24/95 -0600, you wrote:
>>At 14:40 24/10/95 PDT, Henrich, Dave wrote:
>>>Fellow Mg'ers
>>>It's getting to be that time year (at least here in Canada) and time to put 
>>>the MG to bed for the winter months. Any hints/ideas on proper storage do's 
>>>and don't's.
>>What has worked for my '64 B the past eight seasons here in Calgary;
>>unheated, drafty garage is the following:
>>* As you've done; fresh fluids
>>* Pull the battery, but leave it nearby. I had to replace the battery boxes
>>due to corrosion after leaving the old dual six volts in-situ over the
>>winters. Now I leave jumper leads connected to the battery cables in the
>>battery cubby, and connect the (now) 12 volt every once and a while to turn
>>the car over. Disconnect the distributor lead to get the car to turn over
>>without starting until oil pressure turns up on the gauge.
>>* If a good solid block of warm-ish weather (thank god for Chinook winds)
>>appears, I put the battery in and run the car up and down the driveway a
>>bit, making sure I leave the car running long enough to get as much of the
>>moisture out of the exhaust system as I can.
>>*I've waffled back and forth on the blocks. Now I just leave the car down.
>>The radials don't get too square and my occasional forays down the driveway
>>(I hope) keep the suspension from getting too set in its ways.
>>* Keep a window down slightly so the humidity inside and outside the car
>>remains equal, to avoid mildew, etc.
>>Oh to be back in Victoria, where I got my B 12 years ago. Nothing like
>>memories of a top down run to the pub on New Years Day with the Victoria MG
>>Club to make me wish for warmer climes.
>>Good luck.
>>-- Henry

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