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Of mice and mildew

Subject: Of mice and mildew
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 11:07:56 PDT
Some serious snipping has resulted in:

> > > * Keep a window down slightly so the humidity inside and outside the car
> > > remains equal, to avoid mildew, etc.
> > 
> *Window* ??  Excuse me, an lbc tight enough that rolling the window down
> makes a difference?

The Britcar ragtop is the ultimate one-way valve -- water gets in and
never gets out.

> I sprinkle moth balls in the car and under it, because I have heard it 
> discourages mice.  No problems with them so far.

I once got a pet from a '58 MGA coupe -- Ratso.

Since my car lives outside with the top usually off, the neighborhood
tomcats entertain their dates in it.  I guess it's safe, warm, and
romantic under the black tonneau.  The smell is overpowering.  Some
one wise in the ways of the world (Sasha, an 80 year old Ukranian woman)
told me to spray ammonia in the car and the cats would leave it alone.  
She was wrong.  I guess the tomcats thought that their territory was
being invaded by the ammonia cat.  Now, I'm happy if they don't get the 
driver's seat.  But at least I don't get mice.

Denise "that's not perfume" Thorpe

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