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Re: MGC: What engine?

Subject: Re: MGC: What engine?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 10:08:18 PST
Excerpts from Gary's excerpts:

> Excerpts from MGB The Illustrated History by Wood and Burrell:
>                                                       ^^^^^
>                                                       IT MUST BE RIGHT
> "But when  the 'new' engine finally arrived at Abingdon the MG team was 
> horrified to find that it weighed no less then 567 Lb which was 72 Lb, 
> or over half a hundredweight more than Morris Engines told them it would 
> be.  

Only the British would feel the need to tell you that 72 is over half of a

> John Thornley clearly remembers when the unit was first fitted to 
> the MGC: 'It made the car kneel down.  It put the front suspension all to 
> hell and although that problem was resolved the mass of the engine made 
> the car want to go straight ahead when cornering. ....' "

Having driven a C, I can tell you that they never fixed the handling 
problem.  C's understeer badly.

> "The problems that MG were experiencing with the C .... deeply disturbed 
> Donald Healey and his son Geoffrey, as they felt the resulting vehicle 
> was likely to be inferior to the MGB for which they had much respect. 
> .... the Austin Healey version of the MGC was abandonded as he did not 
> wish his name associated with the project"

Here's my pragmatic answer to the question.  The MGC engine has seven main
bearings and the big Healey engine has four, so they're not the same.  I 
don't know what other cars used the C engine, but you could find out by 
asking around to see what other six cylinder engines eat rings.

Denise Thorpe, who agrees with Donald Healey about everything 

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